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Australian cabinet minister drops f-bomb on TV before kids show

CANBERRA, Australia -- And now a word from the Aussie communications minister …

Unfortunately for Stephen Conroy, the word that came out Tuesday on live television, right before a popular afternoon children’s show, was decidedly less than G-rated, AAP reported via the Sydney Morning Herald.

Answering a question at the National Press Club in Canberra about investment risk in Australia, Conroy said: "If a tax goes up, God, that is sovereign risk. But if a tax goes down, f---ing fantastic." He quickly added: "Excuse me."

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Conroy is the minister in charge of Australia's broadcasting standards. A spokeswoman for the Australian Communications and Media Authority was not aware of any complaints, AAP reported.

The children’s show that was up next? The animal show "Meerkat Manor."

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