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67-foot wave recorded off Irish coast


LONDON - A wave measuring 67 feet -- the biggest ever to be recorded off Ireland -- hit the country's northwest shores on Tuesday, according to meteorologists.

The Guardian newspaper reported that the wave was measured by a buoy about 60 milles off the Donegal coast during a fierce storm.

"At 14.00 today the M4 weather buoy off the Donegal coast recorded a maximum wave height of 20.4 meters which is the highest maximum wave recorded in Irish waters," the Irish meteorological service said on its website.

The data from the buoy gave evidence of the most severe weather conditions recorded that distance from land, The Guardian reported, meteorologists said.

Much of the United Kingdom has been experiencing particularly stormy conditions over the past several days, with high winds of up to 80 mph in some areas, driving rain and blizzards.

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