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Dead bodies stashed in London subway broom closets

Some 50 people a year kill themselves on London’s subway, and in order to keep the trains running their bodies are often stored in cleaning closets until someone can claim them, a new television documentary reveals.

Several subway workers, disgusted with the practice, spoke to the documentary filmmaker on condition of anonymity, Britain’s Telegraph reported on Thursday.

The documentary, called "Confessions from the Underground" quotes one disturbed emergency worker as saying he put a body in area where industrial trash containers are stored.

“Putting a body in there, not in the bin, in with the bins, it’s not really respectful,” the man said, according to the Telegraph. “However, do I keep the station shut until the coroner and his guys gets there and inconvenience the rest of London?”

In other interview, a worker said janitors who went to a closet to use a mob or a bucket sometimes encounter a “poor unfortunate person’s body there.”

A spokesman for London’s Underground told the Telegraph that counseling was made available to workers if needed.

The documentary was scheduled to be broadcast Thursday night in Britain.

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