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'King of the farm': Sheep-herding rabbit gains fame

A rabbit that rounds up sheep on a small farm in northern Sweden is rapidly gaining a following on the Internet, with more than 650,00 views in the past week on YouTube.

Even the owners are a little perplexed by the herding skills of the self-taught bunny, which may have learned its techniques by watching its border collie friends.

"He learnt these skills himself, we had nothing to do with it," Greta Vigren, the rabbit's owner told The Local, an English language website based in Sweden.

"He surely has seen the dogs doing it before, but really, Champis thinks he is the king of the farm, and that he owns the sheep."

The video, "Champis - the herding rabbit" in English, was filmed at the farm by a friend of the owners, Dan Westman, a sheepdog breeder who also writes a blog.

Westman has no idea why the video of the rabbit is so popular. "Maybe you can tell me why?" he asked The Local.


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