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Horror and hope inside battered city of Homs, cradle of Syrian uprising

The people of Homs have been under siege for weeks. Jonathan Miller, Channel Four Europe reports.

HOMS, Syria – Faced with a daily rain of rockets, bombs and bullets, the people of Homs keep fighting, refusing to yield to President Bashar Assad's forces in an uprising that began 11 months ago.

Their streets and homes have been shelled. They have few medical supplies, no power and very little food. And casualties are mounting. On Wednesday, Syrian forces killed more than 80 people, according to activists, whose claim could not be independently confirmed. But among the dead were two Western journalists.

There seems to be no way out for the people in this besieged city, reduced to rubble and ruin, yet families and fighters share a moment to dancing in the streets for their “revolution of dignity and freedom.”

A French photojournalist known as Mani, whose full name is being withheld for his own safety, has spent time living alongside the people of Homs. Jonathan Miller, Channel Four Europe reports.

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