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Uganda police seek to question woman about death of 'Amazing Race' TV producer Jeff Rice

Uganda police are keen to interrogate a South African woman who was found unconscious in a hotel room along with the body of American television producer Jeff Rice, NBC News reported.

Kathryn Fuller, a production assistant, was found last week in the same room with Rice, a freelance producer for the American reality TV show “Amazing Race.” She was taken to The Surgery, a hospital in Kampala.

"We sent a team of detectives there today (Friday) but found that she was still too weak and so could not interrogate her. The team may return tomorrow," Deputy Kampala police spokesperson Ibin Ssenkumbi said.

Police on Wednesday said forensic tests indicated that Rice died of a cocaine overdose and that Fuller had also taken the drug. 

Police were still grappling with a request by Fuller's relatives to have her transferred to South Africa for more advance medical treatment, according to NBC News. The relatives pledged to bring her back to Uganda once she improves.

"We have not yet recorded a statement from her and are waiting for her to improve. Additionally, her travel documents are still missing and that complicates matters," Ssenkumbi said.

Kathryn's father, Stewart Fuller, flew to Uganda and has asked police to allow him transfer her to South Africa. But police said they were finding the request a difficult one, given the circumstances.

Senior Uganda police officers, including the national police chief, Lt. Gen Kale Kayihura, on Thursday checked on Fuller at the medical facility.

A decision on her transfer would depend on doctors' assessment of her condition, police said.

'Amazing Race' producer Jeff Rice found dead in Uganda

Fuller and Rice, police said, checked into the Kampala Serena Hotel last Friday, having moved from the Lake Victoria Serena Resort. On Saturday morning, Rice was found dead on a sofa on the balcony of their hotel room while Fuller was unconscious on the floor.

The two had flown into the country on Feb. 15 to work on a documentary, according to ABC News.

Ugandan police say it appears the two voluntarily ingested the drug.

"There was no struggle. These were two people in their room, and there was not a single sign of a struggle. Not even a single bruise on Rice's body," police spokesman Asuman Mugenyi told ABC.

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