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Mother, boy admit killing man they thought was pedophile

A mother and a high school student have pleaded guilty to killing a man they wrongly believed was a pedophile, STV Local in Scotland reported.

Willamina Stewart and Paul Noble, then 15, attacked Gordon Morrice, 57, at a park in Aberdeen, Scotland, after he asked if he could jump on her trampoline with her children. They repeatedly punched him, stamped on his head and thrashed him with a bicycle.

Morrice, who was placed in a nursing home following the 2010 attack, died nine months later from his injuries.

Stewart, a 37-year-old mother of three, also was accused of having shown Morrice malice before the attack on account of rumors that he was a pedophile.  

A police constable told the court in Aberdeen that he ran a background check on Morrice and that he had a clean record, the BBC reported.

Stewart’s boyfriend, Paul Yates, and her brother, Hector Stewart, admitted participating in the assault.

Noble, now 17, is studying for his high school exit exams.

The four will be sentenced later this month, the BBC reported.

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