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300 naked cyclists protest reckless driving in Peru

Karel Navarro / AP

Several hundred nude cyclists hit the streets of Lima, Peru, on Saturday to protest reckless driving.

At least 300 nude cyclists hit the streets of Lima, Peru, on Saturday, protesting the reckless driving they say has killed thousands in their country, Reuters reported.

"I have gone naked because it's the way to raise awareness of our rights for example the bicycle lanes that are never free," said cyclist Milagro Esquivel. "There are always taxis parked, police sleeping."

More than 3,000 people were killed in traffic accidents in Peru in 2009, according to the Latin American Herald Tribune.

(By contrast, 33,808 people were killed in car accidents in the United States during the same year. Adjusting for total populations of both countries, that was about the same proportion of people killed on the road.)

The cyclists, many of whom painted slogans on their bodies, are agitating for dedicated bicycle lanes. This is the seventh annual nude cyclist event.

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