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Prince: Germany should restore the country's monarchy

Germany should reinstate its monarchy to make people proud of their country and restore an emotional bond that is above politics, according to the great-great grandson of the last Kaiser.

Prince Philip Kiril of Prussia, who is now a minister, told Die Zeit newspaper that a restored Germany monarchy could be financially independent, according to The Local, an English language website in Germany.

Prince Philip said the royals could play a role in the “national consciousness” during events such as international soccer matches.  

“When our hearts are touched, we change,” Philip said, according to The Local. “During the past football World Championship there emerged so much uncomplicated national consciousness that nose-wrinkling intellectuals no longer understood their country.”

“Emotions are the field on which a royal family can play," he said. "They do not have to think up some programme, it goes to the hearts that they are simply there.”

He also said royal marriages and births can provide an uplifting experience for people in the country.

According to Philip, the royal families provide stability. “They are not thrown out by a vote of confidence or swept from office by their immunity from prosecution being lifted. That does a country good.”

The last Kaiser of Germany, Wilhelm II, was forced to abdicate the throne on Nov. 9, 1918 in the waning days of World War I.

Even if the German royal family were to resume its head of state role within Germany’s democracy, Prince Philip would not be king. It turns out that Prince Georg Friedrich von Preussen is the direct heir to the throne, and he has rebuffed royal restoration.

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