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Egypt votes to pay $16,600 to those wounded during Arab Spring

Egypt's new parliament voted Monday to compensate protesters who were seriously injured during the Arab Spring uprising, Reuters reported. Each victim will receive $16,600 as part of the parliament's overall push to pay damages to victims.

Forces loyal to former president Hosni Mubarak killed around 850 people and injured thousands, according to Reuters. Mubarak was dramatically ousted after 18 days of protest in February 2011; he is currently on trial, accused of ordering the shooting of protesters, corruption and abuse.

The law may go forth only with the approval of Egypt’s ruling generals, who assumed power after Mubarak’s fall. Egypt’s parliament started working in January, the first democratically elected representatives in 60 years, according to the Guardian. The army has promised to hand over power to an elected civilian president by the end of June.

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