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Reports: US man diverted to Iran after midair heart attack

An American on a flight from Dubai to Seattle suffered a heart attack and was taken to Iran for treatment, according to reports Saturday.

The AFP news agency, citing Iran’s ISNA service, said the Emirates aircraft was in Iranian airspace when the passenger, 52, became unwell and the plane landed in Tehran.

“Yesterday (Friday), an airplane belonging to the Emirates airline, flying from Dubai to Seattle and while passing over Iran’s airspace, contacted the control tower and announced that one of this flight’s passengers had suffered a heart attack,” Abbas Mosayebi, of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization, was quoted as saying.

“Despite international sanctions against the Iranian people which also endanger their lives, yesterday we helped an American citizen in our country,” Mosayebi reportedly said, adding the man was still in a hospital Saturday.

Iran, world powers begin talks over its nuke program

AFP said Swiss diplomats in Tehran, who handle American interests in the absence of a U.S. Embassy, declined to comment on the report.

The incident comes and the U.S. and other world powers are holding talks with Iran over its disputed nuclear program.

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