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Move over, Al Roker! Prince Charles becomes TV weatherman

Britain's Prince Charles takes a royal run at being a TV weatherman, delivering a surprise forecast of rain to BBC Scotland viewers.

Updated at 1:03 p.m. ET: LONDON -- Prince Charles, the heir to Britain's throne, made a surprise appearance as a television weatherman Thursday.

He gave viewers of BBC Scotland the news that it would be "cold, wet and windy" across most of the country.

The prince -- who is Queen Elizabeth's first-born son -- was on a visit marking 60 years of BBC Scotland Television.

Robin McCallum, a weather presenter for ITV London, told NBC News that the prince looked "very relaxed."


A local British weatherman from ITV London critiques Prince Charles' technique as a meteorologist. Take a look at what Robin McCallum of ITV London thinks of his "rival."

"He's doing a very good job of explaining the weather," McCallum added. "He's very easy on-screen."

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However, McCallum said Charles wasn't quite perfect -- describing him as "a little bit trigger happy."

"I have to point out a slight criticism -- he's pressed his plunger -- which is the thing that scrolls from one graphic to the next -- and we should really still have been on the graphic at the end of the weather report. Other than that, it's an immaculate job."

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