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Dull, Scotland, seeks civic link with Boring, Oregon

The Scottish village of Dull is hoping to persuade Boring, Oregon, to become “sister” communities, according to reports.

Boring’s Community Planning Organization is due to vote on the idea at a meeting Tuesday, The Gresham Outlook reported.

Meanwhile, excitement is building in rural Perthshire.

Dull community councillor Marjorie Keddie told BBC News that, "everyone has been smiling at the prospect of the very eye-catching road sign this will inevitably require."

The BBC said Elizabeth Leighton, from Perthshire, came up with the idea after a cycling vacation in Oregon when she visited Boring.

Boring - population more than 12,000 - was named after William H. Boring, who fought on the Union side in the American civil war.

Dull, numbering less than 90, is thought to have got its name from the Gaelic words for a meadow or possibly a snare, the BBC said.

There is, inevitably, already a Dull & Boring Facebook page.

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