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TV show attack shows 'real face' of far-right in Greece?

A politician in Greece is wanted by police for his behavior on a live TV program where he threw a glass of water on a political rival then punched another. Msnbc.com's Dara Brown reports.

The far-right Greek politician who hit a female politician in the face on live television was still on the lam Friday, according to a report, as politicians from mainstream parties said the attack showed “the real face” of his extremist party.

Ilias Kasidiaris, 31, a spokesman for the Golden Dawn party, violently slapped Communist party lawmaker Liana Kanelli three times and threw a glass of water at another politician on a Thursday morning news show.

Kasidiaris was locked in a room at the TV studio but broke down the door and escaped. He was being sought by police for attempting to inflict dangerous bodily harm, a charge that could lead to a fine or up to 10 years in prison.

Ekathimerini.com reported that he was still on the run Friday despite efforts by the police to find him.

Athens News said it understood that special police units had been called in to help find him.

Parties across the political spectrum condemned Kasidiaris and said he actions shed light on Golden Dawn, which won seven percent of the vote in elections last month that failed to produce a working government.

"This attack is an attack against every democratic citizen,” caretaker government spokesman Dimitris Tsiodras said, according to Athens News.

'Cowards and bullies'
The leftist Syriza party, tipped as likely to get the most votes in the coming election, said the attack showed "the real face of this criminal organization," referring to Golden Dawn.

A new election is scheduled for June 17, as debate continues over the country's place in the euro zone. NBC's Stephanie Gosk reports.

"This young 'gentleman,' the Golden Dawn spokesman, proved today that he is a representative of a group of neo-Nazis that apart from being ultraright are also cowards and bullies," Fofi Gennimata, of the center-left Pasok party, said, according to Athens News. “We call on the people who voted for Golden Dawn to seriously rethink it."

Manhunt for Greek lawmaker who hit female rival on live television

Antonis Samaras, leader of the center-right New Democracy party said that “we condemn them and we must isolate them and, chiefly, we must not allow them to divide the Greek people, particularly at a time when our country needs us united in the face of this deep crisis we are going through.”

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Ekathimerini.com reported that Golden Dawn party leader Nikos Michaloliakos claimed Kanelli had attacked Kasidiaris first. She threw a newspaper at him before he attacked her.

It added that Mihaloliakos, speaking at an election rally near Athens Thursday, had said “elections never did this country any good.”

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