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Solo Brit rower rescued after 'merciless' Pacific storm; another waits for help

Japan Coast Guard via EPA

The Japanese Coast Guard rescues British adventurer Sarah Outen from her boat Gulliver about 500 miles east off Japan's northeastern coast, Friday.

A solo Pacific rower caught in a tropical storm for 30 hours was rescued Friday, her support team said on her website, while another stricken solo oarsman waited for help.

British rower Sarah Outen, 27, said her 23-foot boat, named Gulliver, had been "capsizing, capsizing, capsizing" in the "merciless" storm, leaving her "exhausted," in a phone message that was posted on the Internet.

"After, I don't know, 32 hours, 30-something hours, of waiting in the roughest, most frightening weather I've ever been in, I'm very happy to say we're close to being taken out of here," she said, shortly before being picked up by a Japanese Coast Guard vessel.

"I say we, but actually it will just be me, I think, because Gulliver will probably have to stay afloat and look after himself for a while because the seas are currently too rough to be able to pick him up onto the boat," she added.

Japan Coast Guard via EPA

Sarah Outen, 27, center, was rescued after her boat got damaged by a tropical storm.

Japanese Coast Guard had been "wonderful" and "very supportive," she added, also thanking her team and others who offered messages of encouragement that she would get to a "happier, better place."

A message posted on her website a short time later said that "Sarah is now safe aboard the recovery vessel." 

Solo Pacific rower hopes for rescue after boat is rolled by tropical storm

Outen's Pacific row was one leg of a round-the-world journey by bicycle, rowing boat and kayak that started on April 1 last year.

Japan Coast Guard via EPA

Sarah Outen's abandoned boat Gulliver floats in front of a ship after she was rescued by the Japan Coast Guard.

Fellow British Rower Charlie Martell was also awaiting rescue in his boat Blossom, according to the Pacific2012.com website. Martell was approximately 280 miles northeast of Outen. 

"Strong winds and heavy seas led to the repeated capsize of his boat Blossom," the website said. "She then pitch-poled, causing structural damage and leaving Charlie no choice but to abort the voyage and call for assistance ... Charlie is unhurt and still on-board Blossom."

"A fast patrol vessel is on its way to Charlie's location and is expected to arrive alongside him at approximately 0200hrs on 9 June," it added.

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