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Second solo Pacific rower rescued after 50-foot waves batter boat

A second solo Pacific rower caught in a tropical storm has been rescued, according to the adventurer's website.

British ocean-rower Charlie Martell, 41, was picked up by the Russian crew of the MV Last Tycoon at around 9:18 a.m. local time Saturday (4:18 p.m. ET Friday), a message posted on Martell's website said.

Martell was in good condition and was not injured, having waited on his rowing boat, 'Blossom,' for 36 hours after issuing a mayday signal. The Japanese coast guard alerted the Last Tycoon, which altered course to rescue Martell.

In earlier reports posted on Martell's website, his support team said he was sustaining "35-foot waves and the occasional 50-footer. Yes, really."

Another British adventurer, Sarah Outen, 27, was rescued on Friday by the Japanese Coast Guard, having survived the same storm -- which she described as "merciless."

Solo Brit rower rescued after 'merciless' Pacific storm; another waits for help

Outen had been on one leg of a round-the-world journey by bicycle, rowing boat and kayak that started on April 1 last year, and was attempting to be the first woman to row from Japan to Canada.

Martell, meanwhile, was attempting to set records for the fastest crossing of the North Pacific Ocean and the first unsupported row across the Pacific.

He had been at sea since May 4 and was around 700 miles off the northeast coast of Japan when he issued the mayday signal.

In the message on Martell's website, his support team thanked the Japanese coast guard for its effort in coordinating the rescue and to Martell's supporters for their "encouraging messages."

The Last Tycoon was attempting to recover his damaged boat, his support team said.

Martell is expected to arrive in Vancouver, Canada, in about 10 days.

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