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Second orphaned elephant found in Chad after killings

A second orphaned elephant was rescued in Chad after poachers attacked a herd twice in the same week, SOS Elephants said Tuesday. 

"The new orphan was rescued yesterday and reached our camp early this morning," SOS Elephants founder Stephanie Vergniault told NBC News. "He is fighting for his life now in our camp with the vet."

The attacks happened on July 23, when 34 elephants were killed, and on July 27, when 5 carcasses were found.

Two adult elephants were found alive after the July 27 killing. A female that had three calves with her was wounded and a team was trying to track her to eventually provide aid. 

An orphan found earlier by SOS Elephants has since been adopted by a female from the herd and appears to be doing well.

No arrests have been made, Vergniault said.

The poachers have hacked off the trunks of the elephants in order to take their tusks and sell the ivory.

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