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Bao Bao, one of world's oldest pandas, dies at Berlin zoo

AFP/Getty Images file

Panda bear Bao Bao plays in his indoor enclosure at the Berlin Zoo in 2007.

MAINZ, Germany -- Bao Bao, one of the world’s oldest giant pandas, died at the age of 34 early Wednesday, officials at Berlin’s zoo told NBC News.

The animal's health had been deteriorating over the past months, zoo officials said. Bao Bao had not been eating well and had shown a gaunt face, zoo officials say. The cause of death is being determined in an autopsy.

In 1980, Bao Bao was given as a gift by China to Helmut Schmidt, who was the West German chancellor at the time. Bao Bao was the only remaining Panda at the Berlin zoo after the death of Yan Yan in 2007.

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