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NBC's Kerry Sanders answers questions about Chavez re-election in Venezuela's elections

In Venezuela, Hugo Chavez won another 6-year term as president of the oil-rich nation with official results showing the socialist leader garnering 54 percent of the vote. NBC's Kerry Sanders reports.

CARACAS, Venezuela – President Hugo Chavez scored a comfortable election victory and vowed to deepen his self-styled socialist revolution after a bitterly fought race against a youthful rival who has galvanized Venezuela's opposition.

The state governor who lost Sunday's presidential vote, Henrique Capriles, accepted defeat as Chavez swept to a 10-point victory margin, the smallest yet for him a presidential race. Chavez won 55 percent of the vote against 45 percent for Capriles with more than 90 percent of the vote counted.

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez wins 3rd term

NBC News’ Kerry Sanders is in Caracas reporting on the elections. Earlier today he answered reader questions about Chavez re-election. 

Click on the link below to replay the informative chat. 

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