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Scotland crowd flees 'freak accident' when fireworks show rockets all go off at once

November 5th Fireworks 2012 display, Oxgangs, Edinburgh

A fireworks rocket misfired and ricocheted into boxes of undetonated fireworks, setting the rest of the $3,200 display in Scotland off at once, scattering the audience and injuring one girl, the BBC and other UK media reported Tuesday.

The Monday night fireworks display organizers, Pentland Community Centre of Oxgangs Brae in Edinburgh, issued an apology Tuesday:

"This was a freak accident, and most regrettable, but this is the first incident we have had in 10 years of holding this popular community event, and we extend our apologies to everyone who was alarmed," it said.

The organizers said they would review safety protocols.

A girl suffered a burn to the side of her face and was taken to Edinburgh's Royal Hospital for Sick Children, the BBC reported.

Footage of the fireworks eruption was posted on YouTube.

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The Scotsman newspaper reported that the fireworks display was part of the annual Bonfire Night show.

Susan Ross, a local resident at the display, was quoted by the BBC:

"My friend and her daughters were standing at the side of the post office and the showers of fireworks were coming over them and they had to jump over the girls to stop the sparks landing on their jackets.

"The next thing I heard was several bangs and then a massive explosion. "I turned around and everybody was just scattering and running across the road away from it. I saw people lifting buggies up off the ground because people had their brakes on the buggies and they were physically lifting their kids by the arms to get away.

"My heart was going along with everybody else. Some of the kids were crying because they did get a fright.”

Earlier this year in San Diego, Calif., a computer glitch was blamed when the Big Bay Boom show went bust on Independence Day as a sudden burst of hundreds of fireworks shot into the air about five minutes before the scheduled start of the show.

August Santore, co-owner of Garden State Fireworks, the next day apologized on television stations "to all the residents and all the people who missed their fireworks."

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