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Iranian missiles hitting Afghan soil, official says

Up to 20 missiles have been fired into southwestern Afghanistan from Iran over the last few days, a provincial governor told NBC News on Thursday.

"Fifteen to 20 missiles have been fired onto Charburjak district of Nimrooz province in the past two days. There were no reports of casualties," said Mohammad Sarwar Subat, the governor of Nimrooz, which shares a border with Iran and Pakistan.

Subat said the missiles had destroyed property in Charburjak district.

Iranian officials denied firing any missiles into Afghanistan, according to Javed Lodin, Afghanistan's deputy foreign minister in Kabul. He said the Iranians told him that they are conducting military training on their own soil.

Afghanistan's National Security Department said they are investigating the issue.

Iranian officials in Tehran were not immediately available for comment when queried by NBC.

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