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US civilian killed by Afghan policewoman in 'insider' attack

Retired Army Col. Jack Jacobs talks to MSNBC's Richard Lui about the killing of a U.S. civilian working for the military outside police headquarters in Kabul.

A U.S. civilian working for the military was killed inside Kabul’s police headquarters when a policewoman opened fire in apparent “insider” attack, officials told NBC News on Monday.

The man, a member of the International Security Assistance Forces and a logistics adviser to the Kabul police, was severely wounded and died on Monday in the office of the local police chief, according to Mohammad Zahir, head of the criminal investigation department.

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Zahir described the incident as an “insider attack” in which Afghan forces turn their weapons on Western military they are supposed to be working with. 

What's leading Afghan troops to turn on coalition forces?

ISAF confirmed to NBC News the victim was one of its civilian employees.

However, a spokesman for the NATO forces in Afghanistan described the victim to Reuters as "a U.S. police adviser".

No further details were immediately available.

Earlier this year, U.S. military officials briefly suspended the training of Afghan Local Police (ALP) in the wake of a deadly series of insider killings, also known as ‘green on blue’ attacks.

In a separate incident, an ISAF member died following an insurgent attack in eastern Afghanistan on Monday, according to a statement released to NBC News. 

A blast killed 10 Afghan girls who were collecting firewood in eastern Afghanistan, according to government officials. In a separate incident, two Afghans died in an attack in Kabul. NBCNews.com's Dara Brown reports.

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