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Egypt's ex-dictator Mubarak to be moved to military hospital

CAIRO — Ousted Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak is to be transferred from prison to a military hospital for medical treatment on the orders of Egypt's public prosecutor, NBC News has confirmed.

Counselor Hassan Yassin, official spokesman for prosecutor Counselor Talaat Ibrahim, told NBC News that the decision was taken based on the former leader's medical reports.

Philippe Bouchon / AFP - Getty Images

The President of Egypt for nearly 30 years, Mubarak was an advocate for peace in the Middle East and a major U.S. ally, but Egyptians eventually grew tired of his corrupt regime and he was ousted in a popular revolt in February 2011.

He will be taken to a military hospital in Maadi, a suburb of Cairo.

Egypt's ex-dictator slips into coma

Mubarak was forced from power as part of the Arab Spring uprisings in February 2011, ending three decades of increasingly totalitarian rule.

He is serving a life sentence in prison for his role in killing protesters during the uprising, and has been in prison hospital for most of his time in jail. 

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