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Cat caught smuggling contraband into Brazil prison

Penitentiary System Of Alagoas / AFP - Getty Images

Brazilian authorities captured a cat that was entering a prison with a saw, bits for hand drills, a mobile phone, batteries and charger. The cat belonged to the prisoners and was frequently taken by relatives to their homes, returning to the prison on its own.

The cat came back, it just couldn’t stay away.

And when it did come back on New Year’s Eve, a guard standing watch at a prison gate in northeastern Brazil thought there was something unusual about the slender white kitty slipping by.  

He alerted other guards who helped him to catch the feline, according to a statement by the federal prisons bureau, and they found that the cat’s torso was wrapped tight with contraband.

Specifically: Two small saws, two drills for concrete, a headset, a cell phone, a cell phone charger and three batteries.

PhotoBlog: Cat caught carrying contraband

The confiscated material could have allowed inmates to cut bars and dig tunnels, according to the statement, while allowing them to communicate with people on the outside. The cat, it appeared, belonged to the inmates and traveled between the prison and the homes of the inmates' families, who live in the area.

All 263 inmates at the Arapiraca prison are deemed suspects because, a prison spokeswoman told the Estado de Sao Paulo: “It will be hard to figure out who is responsible, as the cat does not talk.”

The spokeswoman said it was the first time a cat tried to smuggle in contraband since the prison was built in 2002.

The newspaper said the cat was not held at the prison and was instead transferred to the city’s animal shelter for veterinary care. 

A cat slipped into a prison in Brazil but was intercepted by prison officials, who found a drill and saw taped to its body. TODAY's Jenna Wolfe reports.

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