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Landslip exposes human bones at Dracula graveyard

Bones have been exposed by a landslip at a cemetery that featured in the horror novel, Dracula. ITV's Steven Douglas reports.

A landslip has exposed human bones in the English coastal cemetery that inspired a scene in Bram Stoker's horror novel Dracula.

Erosion has dislodged banks of earth containing human remains from graves at St Mary's in Whitby, North Yorkshire, ITV News reported.

The cemetery was mentioned in the 1897 novel, whose author lived in the seaside town for several years, and the church is a magnet for fans of the book.

'I managed to identify one hip bone, two pieces of skull and a large bone that looked like it was part of a leg,” local resident Barry Brown told the Northern Echo newspaper.

He said he found several bones in the backyard of his kipper smokehouse, which sits under the cliff on which the church is perched, the newspaper reported.

"It’s quite sad picking that sort of thing up, I expect the people who buried them thought they’d be there forever,” he said.

Whitby Town Council said tthe church itself was not in danger of collapse, and that the remains in the churchyard were very old.

The church dates from 1100, according to a BBC report.

A damaged drainage pipe, which left rainwater pouring out of the ancient graveyard and down the cliff, was thought to be to blame for the landslip, ITV said.