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Truck carrying fireworks explodes, causing deadly China highway collapse

A truck transporting fireworks ahead of Chinese new year celebrations exploded on a highway in central China, destroying a bridge and killing dozens. Angus Walker, for NBC News, reports.

A truck carrying fireworks ahead of Chinese New Year celebrations exploded and destroyed part of an elevated highway in China's Henan Province, killing several people, state media reported.

The blast sent vehicles plummeting 100 feet to the ground, state media said.

A 260-foot section of road was damaged, the BBC reported.

China National Radio said 26 people were killed, while the Xinhua News Agency reported only four deaths but said search and rescue efforts were continuing, The Associated Press reported.


Rescuers look for survivors near the wreckage of vehicles after a truck carrying fireworks exploded and caused a bridge to partially collapse on the Lianhuo highway in Mianchi County, Henan Province on Friday.

The explosion happened early Friday on a major east-west highway in Mianchi county, about 55 miles west of Luoyang, the AP said.

Pictures from state broadcaster CCTV showed rescuers digging through rubble in the aftermath of the accident.

In 2006, a storeroom of fireworks exploded at a temple fair in Henan, killing 36 people and injuring dozens more, the Daily Telegraph said.