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Video allegedly shows Syrian soldiers dancing to Usher song

A video has emerged online which appears to show Syrian soldiers dancing to Usher's hit song "Yeah!"

A video posted on YouTube allegedly shows Syrian soldiers dancing to R&B singer Usher's 2004 hit song "Yeah!"

Though unverified, the video is being highlighted by both pro and anti-regime activists on social media, The Associated Press reported.

In the clip, heavily armed soldiers dressed in camouflage and flak jackets can be seen bobbing their heads to the music at first, then standing up and moving their feet and hips to the beat, their weapons pointed in the air.

Grinning, the men then get in a line and walk past the camera, still moving their gun-wielding arms and bobbing their heads.

The dancing stops toward the end of the nearly 2-minute-long video, as a loud bang is heard and the soldiers break out into a battle cry that translates to, "With our souls, our blood, we sacrifice for you Bashar!"  -- referring to embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad -- according to the AP.

Some of the soldiers then begin spraying bursts of gunfire in the air.

The AP reported that the video was purportedly filmed in southern Syria. The uniforms appear to be consistent with those worn by Syrian soldiers, the news agency said.