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'The Punisher' takes vengeance on Russia's bad drivers

Dubbed "The Punisher," Alexei Volkov takes a zero-tolerance approach to being cut off while driving his bus on Russia's roads.

Day or night, rain, snow or shine, whenever an errant driver gets in his way, Volkov rams his bus into the offending vehicle without apology -- and records it all on his dashboard camera. 

The bus driver then documents the collisions by posting the video footage on YouTube

In a recent interview which appeared on the Red Hot Russia website, Volkov claimed he's had more than 100 accidents.

"The situation is gradually improving ... due to my educational work," he said.

Volkov says his passengers have nothing to complain about because none have been injured.

And what does the bus company he works for in Zelenograd, Russia, think about his vigilante antics? 

"If there is no fault of mine, the management doesn’t care," he said. "The bus usually gets only minor damage. If the damage is more serious, they just wait for the insurance payments and then repair [it]."

One of the reason there were so many images of the meteor that slammed into the Earth's atmosphere is because dashcams are so prevalent throughout Russia. Few drivers leave home without the small, inexpensive cameras because they offer proof of what actually happened after an accident. NBC's Jim Maceda reports.