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Malcolm X grandson beaten with bat or stick, Mexican prosecutors say

The men accused of killing Malcolm X’s grandson in a Mexican bar used a bat or stick in addition to punching and kicking him during the fatal beating, Mexico City’s prosecutor said Tuesday.

The Associated Press reports that prosecutor Rodolfo Rios said the weapon was used by two waiters arrested for the death of Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of the slain political activist. The waiters served Shabazz and a friend at a bar called The Palace Club, and a dispute over a tab of more than $1,200 resulted.

Mexican prosecutors on Monday said the waiters were “likely responsible” for Shabazz’s death. The 28-year-old was found severely beaten Thursday morning. An autopsy revealed he died from organ damage, head trauma and rib fractures.

Shabazz's friend, Miguel Suarez, told authorities that the two had drunk about 12 beers when the waiters demanded they pay a bill of 15,000 pesos, according to the Associated Press. They were lured into the bar by a woman who spoke to Shabazz in English, authorities said.

The bar is located on one of Mexico City’s busiest avenues, an area popular with tourists for its live music, dive bars and strip clubs.

Rios said the attackers disabled all the security cameras inside the bar and closed it once the ambulance arrived and they realized the severity of the beating, the AP reports.

The bar’s owner has not yet talked to police, and prosecutors said the owner could be charged in connection with the crime.