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Ambassador: DEA agent stabbed to death in Colombia

A Drug Enforcement Administration agent was stabbed to death in violent robbery in Bogota, Colombia, late Thursday, the U.S. ambassador told a radio station.

Local media described the incident as a “paseo millonario,” a term for an express kidnapping, where someone is held in a taxi against their will and forced to withdraw money from different ATMs using their debit and credit cards. 

U.S Ambassador Peter Michael McKinley told Caracol Radio that it seemed to be a run-of-the-mill robbery gone wrong and it did not appear that the agent was targeted.

He said that the agent had been watching the NBA finals with friends in the city’s fashionable Parque de la 93 district and had jumped into a taxi after the game.

Local reports suggested the agent been working in the country for just over a year, but Colombian police were expected to release more details about the case later.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.