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Video: NBC News' Ayman Mohyeldin discusses the unrest in Egypt

Ayman Mohyeldin, foreign correspondent, is hosting a live chat today at 3 p.m. ET (9 p.m. Cairo time).

The clock is ticking for Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi to meet the demands of millions of protesters seeking his ouster and fresh elections after an ultimatum issued to the Islamist leader by his own armed forces.

Meanwhile, in Tahrir Square, protesters are calling for an early presidential election while calling for Morsi's resignation.

On Tuesday, NBC News correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin joined a Google+ Hangout to discuss the latest on the protests and the progress made toward a resolution. He also examined what could happen if Egypt’s powerful military is forced to intervene and discussed the major issues causing the protests. Mohyeldin also answered viewer questions.

Watch the conversation in full below and follow Mohyelding on Twitter (@AymanM) for live updates.