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Young girl wearing suicide vest caught by Afghan police

KABUL, Afghanistan -- A young girl, no older than 10, was caught wearing a suicide vest by border police in southern Afghanistan on Sunday, an official told NBC News.

The “scared and cold” youngster told officers that her brother Zahir, a Taliban commander, had given her the explosive device and directed her towards a police checkpoint in the Khan Nasheen district of Helmand province, Hamidullah Siddiqi an Afghan border police official told NBC News.  

“She was crying and told border police that she was made obliged by her brother to do suicide attack on them,” he said, adding that investigators believe she is either nine or 10 years old.

The girl may not have been able to operate the detonator in any case, Siddiqi said.

Border police and officials are now investigating the case and have begun a search for the girl's brother, he added.

Henry Austin reported from London.